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Friday, February 23, 2007

Fixie shops in Tokyo

I recently found out Tokyo has two track bike shops. I've never seen a shop that specializes in track bikes before, so this excites me.

The older of the two is Punch. Punch is a funny place. It tends to be closed, apparently opening only in the evening around 7.30 and some odd days - but inside you'll find a treasure trove of old Japanese frames from San Ren Sho to Nagasawa.

Punch is in Asakasa. To get there, head from the train station, past Sensoji (on the right) and turn left down the side street before you hit the next major road. Head down the side street until you're one block away from the next major road (which has a blue pedestrian bridge over it). Punch is on the corner of two small streets. The owner leaves track frames and wheels outside the shop (Japan has no crime).

Punch Cycle
Kaminarimon 1-5-10
Taito-Ku Tokyo 111-0034

The new kid on the block is skateboard firm T19's shop Carnival in Harajuku/Shibuya. It stocks mainly European brands but also has some cool old Japanese parts - including pink anodised Suntour Suberbe cranks and Nitto stems.

Carnival is just as hard to find. Basically it's towards the train line from Cat Street in Harajuku. Walk along Cat Street until you get to Burberry Black Label. Head down that side street, across the major road, and down a street on the other side. The opening hours, however, are more normal. Here's the website of the BMX shop below Carnival

Not a shop, but just as exciting is the semiannual bike jumble held in Tachikawa. More info in the next blog



At 10:50 pm, Anonymous br995 said...

I hope that 'bike jumble' happens while I'm here.


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