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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cycling and massage

Well done to all the Tokyo Marathon runners - a really hard day to set PBs, yet many of you still did.

While my knee has put me out of operation for awhile I've been building up a track bike - for use on a velodrome. It's a real "bitzer" made of parts up to 25 years old, some found parts and some new parts. To be honest, it looks a bit ugly. But it'll do the job.
There's a race on this Sunday. I might go - and see how I get on. If the knee hurts I'll come home. Although I need to work out how to get the bike to Yokohama.
On Monday, I'm off to a new masseur - Itaden in Yotsuya. I don't know if I should be seeing new masseurs or sticking with one, but I feel like I've given K's quite a good go. That said, Sato-san at K's has just started oil massage, which seemed to be better for the right knee.

I miss running!



At 9:18 am, Blogger Ingo said...

Hi Gordon, I've got a bike bag if that's of any help for your upcoming bike events. Let me know. Cheers, Ingo


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