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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Faintest glimmer of hope?

Had a massage today - and found out Sato-san at K's can do deep-tissue massage. Why didn't he tell me before!? Anyway, he did a good job and found what could be the source of the pain in my right knee. As soon as he hit it the same pain started searing across my patella. So I grimaced while he got stuck into the muscle. He said I should test it tomorrow - he seemed fairly sure he's nailed it. We'll see. I'm not fussed about the marathon anymore, but a return to some short slow runs would be welcome.

I'm getting an old track frame sent over from Australia. The frame is a Euro - made by Bryan Hayes, for a long time the builder of the Australian national team frames (from about 1980 to 1996) and still a technical adviser/mechanic with the Australian Institute of Sport. The frame never got much use as I developed glandular fever 3 years after getting it and never really competed on the track reglarly after that. So the frame is 20 years old, but looks quite new.

For those of you into bikes, the build list (with year part bought in brackets) will be:

Frame: Euro (1986)
Forks: Euro (1986)
Headset: Campagnolo Record (1986)
Headstem: ?
Handlebars: ITM Pista (2001)
Seat: SLR XP (2005)
Seatpost: Outland Carbon (2001)
Bottom bracket: TA Titanium (2005)
Cranks: Suntour Superbe (1984)
Pedals: Campagnolo Record (1985)
Clips: Campagnolo Record (1986)
Front hub: Shimano Dura-Ace (1999)
Rear hub: Campagnolo Record (1987)
Front rim: Campagnolo Strada (1999)
Rear rim: Steiger (1987)
Chain: DID

I'm going to use it for everything from picking up the shopping, to riding to work, to racing on a velodrome.


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