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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Massage today

Today is another big day for me - a 90 minute massage with a new massuer. Tomorrow I will have a painful foot massage, Then Saturday it will be time to check the knee one more time.

If the knee pain is still there both sides I won't run again until the night before the marathon. If the knees turn out to be good the night before the marathon I'll still line up for it. Why not? I'll run until I feel pain, then stop. If I'm lucky I'll get through. My time will be bad, but I might still beat my 3.31 I ran in London.



At 6:25 pm, Anonymous Ingo said...

So you want to risk your knees to beat a 3:31 when you know you could be a 2:50 runner out of the box once everything is in sync? Not worth it.

Once you line up you'll run and that may well be your last marathon ever. But hey, you may end your running career with a PB!

Buddy, you would not be the first runner to get serious injuries in a marathon race. It's not just a long run from which you will surely recover, it's bloddy 42k which can really mess you up! Don't sacrifice your potential at this stage. If you get annoyed by posts like this just let me know ;-) Ingo


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