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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Training's going really well

I daren't tempt fate, but my training is progressing better than ever before. I'm injury free bar a few little niggles (including a left ankle that's felt tight for months) and I'm getting stronger and faster quickly.

My weight has dropped to the low 59kg range (from 62-63 only four months ago) and I've managed six weeks in a row doing at least one run of more than 2 hours each week plus other long runs of around 90 minutes. This week, I've done a race, then 2 hours, 90 min x 70%, and 90 min x 90% (until I cracked at 83 minutes and slowed).

Tokyo Marathon is around 12 weeks away - a bit less - so I can fit in 10 weeks of solid training if my body continues to let me and, hopefully, my weight also will continue to fall.

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