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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tokyo International Womens Marathon

Results of the 30th and final Tokyo International Womens Marathon

1. Yoshimi Ozaki (2.23.30 - new PB)
2. Yuri Kano 2.24.27
3. Mara Yamauchi (2.25.03 - new PB by 7 seconds)
4. Yoko Shibui 2.25.51 (faded badly near the end)
5. Salina Kosgei 2.30.34

Ozaki came home very strongly, going from 3rd to 1st at about the 38km mark.
Shibui, who led for much of the race, faded badly as she moved from 1st to 4th. At around 38km her pace had dropped from 3.30/km to 3.40/km, but appeared to slow even more.

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