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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Great news!

Been mad busy lately, 14 hour days, but finished my work and got the news today that I'm running in the Tokyo Marathon. Last time I was selected I got injured, so I'm hoping for better luck second time around.

My wife didn't get chosen for the marathon - also for the second time, so I feel a lot of responsibility to do well. I hope to run under 3 hours - and would love to hit 2.50. But just to run in this marathon is a great thing.

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At 6:49 pm, Blogger Craig Mod said...

I wonder if foreigners are exempt from the lottery. It seems like all the foreigners I know are being selected but very few of my Japanese friends.

At 11:28 pm, Blogger GKK said...

I'm pretty sure you're right. Of the people I know who entered, all the foreigners bar one (who has a Japanese surname) got in, while among the Japanese runners half missed out. It's an Olympics thing.


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