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Sunday, September 21, 2008

More on Lance - this time his charity

Some fascinating figures here. Turns out Lance Edward Gunderson Armstrong's Live Strong charity allegedly has the lowest possible efficiency rating, and it is said to have made a loss of over $5 million in FY06 (which seem to be the latest published figures, hmmm). I know that many people who know little about cycling think that Lance is a god, so I've added a few links below.

  • Boulder Report

  • Investigate Lance

  • Investigate Lance "The Facts"

  • Weight Weenies forum

  • Wikipedia
  • (see "Allegations of Drug Use")

    Note: These Web sites don't reflect my views 100%. In particular, makes allegations that seem unverifiable. Yet they all give you an indication of the alleged potential problems of Lance heading the Tour organization.



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