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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Well done Masahi Ishii

Masahi Ishii won the 1km time trial at the Beijing Paralympics in a time of 1.08.771 on Tuesday. An amazing time. This guy rides in the cerebral palsy category, and yet he can ride a kilometer in a time more than one second under the time a rider must do to qualify as a keirin rider.

Ishii actually was a keirin rider before a car hit him, leaving him injured. The amazing thing is he's riding as fast, or faster, than many current pros.

Well done Ishii.



At 9:38 pm, Blogger Fondriest said...

Nice blog... I'll be riding a keirin 1000TT 2000TT and a keirin on Sep 21.
At Omiya keirin track... I'll do my best to beat my last attempt of 1:24....don't think I'll beat 1:08 though.

My cycling blog is here...


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