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Monday, April 21, 2008

My Brooks saddle

A few weeks back I was chosen by Brooks to be a saddle tester - the reward being I get to keep the saddle I test.

I opted to test the Brooks B17 Imperial Narrow. I have been sent a prototype, so when this saddle is finally made available it might look a little different.

My first impressions are it's beautiful, well-made (although the badge is not quite straight), and heavy! I'm a bit of a weight weenie, so it came as shock to see this saddle weighs 525 grams - half a kilo! Still, this saddle is about comfort and style, not racing.

The cut-out area is supposed to relieve pressure on one's sensitive bits

525 grams - a half a kilogram of cow and steel.

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At 9:32 pm, Blogger Craig said...

Excellent. I love my Brooks (keeps swapping it between bikes) — the ultra agressive looking swallow with Ti rails.

How does one apply to be a saddle tester? :-)

At 2:25 pm, Blogger oldsprinter said...

Ahhh, the saddle testing applications were a while back. But I'll let you know if they put the call out again.


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