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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The most pointless frame ever designed?

Out of the factory of Chinese firm XDS based in Shenzhen comes the worst idea ever conceived since the invention of the bicycle.

Take expensive carbonfibre, a mold and a team of trained professionals - and make a shopping bike! Not only is it prohibitively expensive, it's also prone to cracking, chipping and splitting when parked in bicycle parks with other shopping bikes. I wonder how many of these XDS will sell.

However, in fairness to XDS, I met one of their reps last year and he showed me their carbon rims - they looked very well made. Also, the XDS track frame is affordable, light and, again, looks well constructed. This firm makes frames for European pros, so they've been approved by the guys who know their stuff.



At 8:46 am, Blogger Ron said...

Hi could you give me some more information on this bike and frame? Maybe a few more pictures? I'll link to your blog. It does sound absurd to make something like this and the frame itself looks something intended for females if I'm not wrong.


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