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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Look what I found in Australia

On my recent trip back to Australia I found some parts I'd left in my dad's shed - a small black bag was filled with chainrings and cogs. And it was quite a find - a Suntour Superbe NJS cog and, even rarer, some BIA-stamped cogs (BIA was the stamp of approval for keirin racing parts before the NJS marking was introduced). I even found a BIA-marked lockring.

The chainrings I found included a Campagnolo Record 48 tooth 151 BCD ring dating back to about 1974. I can't use it, so I think I'll try to sell it. One went for £77 on an auction site recently.

Lots of cogs - including one made in England

Suntour NJS 15T

Shimano Dura-Ace BIA lockring

A rare-as-hen's teeth 12T cog

Suntour Superbe 13T BIA cog

Campagnolo Record 14T

Shimano 16T BIA cog

Shimano 16T NJS cog

Today, I went to Shinjuku (to go to a bicycle shop of course) and spotted these three bikes parked close to each other. I can't work out how anyone can ride a bike with the seat pointing down - don't they slide off the front? The San Rensho is a great looking bicycle.

Training update
Injured my foot on a two-hour run today.

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