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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Fixed gear bikes in Shibuya

The fixed gear scene is multiplying like rabbits - and Shibuya is the epicentre of the craze...

I saw all of these in the space of three hours. In fact I saw a lot more but I started getting picky about what I took photos of.

Check out the disc - a mirror-finish carbon disc with a Dura-Ace hub. The guy was super-friendly too. Nice rasta gloves.

This yellow bike is an awesome Bomber Pro - locked with a red plastic chain!
The guy who makes them is Ida Rinsei, only 34 years old (that's really young in the world of master frame builders) and an ex pro cyclist. His workshop is in Saitama, but it's rarely open because he is found at all the keirin races looking after the pros - his main customers.

From the fork crown I'm presuming this is a Vivalo. Made in Kobe for a very small rider.

This is a Meccanico Giro, built by Shojiro Iwai in Fukuoka. It's one of the best keirin frames money can buy - so a bit of a pity to see it with a top-tube pad and, even worse, an umbrella hanging off it.

Singlespeed or fixed gear? I forgot to check. But very different nonetheless.

This is one of the strangest single-speed bikes I've seen. The frame is nearly rusted through (the brown tinge is all rust, not paint), yet it's got disc brakes and some bling components. Oh, and a horn.

Nice headbadge.

A lovely Levant - but look at the stupid seat angle. He must sit on the back edge of the saddle - why?

Saw this one in Suitengumae. Check out the brake lever - positioned handily under the seat.

Running Diary
Did 50 minutes fast today. Felt fast, but the knees are fragile. 15 days to Shibuya Ekiden.

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At 11:50 pm, Anonymous nateintokyo said...

that takahashi headbadge is the same as 'kingspeed' keirin bikes. not sure where they were from though...



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