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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Bikes spotted in Tokyo

I feel like I've got a real treat for fixie lovers this time. I've spotted some really nice bikes, including the bike that wins many people's vote for best bike in Tokyo-the grey Bridgestone carbonfibre bike. It's about ¥1,000,000 worth of bike - and, no, I didn't add an extra '0' by mistake.

First though, a black Kalavinka with Spinergy wheels and Suntour Superbe Pro parts. It's a rare thing to see a Suntour Superbe Pro headset. Good to see he's running Nitto bars, with the exception of the wheels, seat and seatpost this bike is pure mid-1980s. A nice machine

Second is this Gan Well Pro. It looked very new - a rare instance of someone buying a brand new keirin frame soley for the purpose of showing off on the streets of Tokyo. It's got a classy old Nitto stem though. Nice bike...

Now, guess who's jumped onto the fixie bandwagon. None other than fashion designer Paul Smith. Although, to be fair to Smith, he used to race and this bike is well made and features Campagnolo Record parts throughout (except the cog - why do people cut costs on such a small and cheap but important part?) and Brooks leather handlebar tape and seat. At ¥600,000 this bike is overpriced, but the bike is very good quality, so it's more than a fashion statement.

But this is the pricey one. It's a Bridgestone frame with Corima wheels. In a way I don't like seeing a bike like this get used on the road. It's good enough to race at the Olympics, but it's getting slowly destroyed on the streets of Shibuya. But at the end of the day it's getting ridden and making someone very happy. So if someone wants to spend ¥1,000,000 on a bike to ride to work on I guess I should be happy for them.

Not a fixie, but a nice frame. A black Amadana, made by one of Tokyo's better frame builders.

I've always fancied getting a Bomber Pro if only for the cool name

And finally, this green "Inzist Bicycle" - no, I've never heard of it either... Here's some information on the frame (if you can read Japanese)

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At 11:07 pm, Blogger Ben said...

Man, I miss riding in Japan


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