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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Oda Field workout

Tonight we did 5 x 1,200 meters at Oda Field.

I decided to be sensible and not go out too hard in the first rep. I need to leanr how to run fast and consistently again.

My times were (from memory, not so sure about 2nd and 3rd effort times, I might be out by a second):


So, as you can see, my attempt at consistency didn't quite work, but I fought hard and managed to lift my effort a bit on the last rep, instead of giving up and taking it easy.

Before I ran I had a pain in the left inner part of my right knee. The pain went away after a warm-up. It feels like it's connected to my old knee pain, but maybe it isn't.

I'm also getting a pain in my arches, just behind the big toe. I'm fine when I'm running hard, But at slow speeds, and sometimes when I'm relaxing, it hurts and cramps.

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