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Monday, May 14, 2007

1 hour, fairly quick

I did an hour today. I felt like I've been slack all last week, so I pushed it a bit (about 4.15 pace).

My right knee behaved well. The left ITB got really tight, not just near the knee but the whole way up the thigh. But actually, around the knee, the ITB was OK. It didn't cut into the side of the knee.

The new shoes were good - that is, there was nothing really wrong with them. They're slightly too big (Mizuno really has to work on its sizing - I wear size 26.5 Mizuno racing flats but my training shoes are 27.5. In the Mizuno shop I tried on some 27s that were smaller than my 26.5s. And I did find that at the start my knees were brushing each other - which presumably means not enough arch support. Also, my left foot got a bit sore ( because I was concentrating on positioning my knees, which made me tense my foot.)



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