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Saturday, May 26, 2007

1 hour fast

I felt good tonight. The pain I've been feeling on the inside/back right of my right knee has gone. I had some pain in both knees at the start of the run, but it all went away. This is a good sign - pain that goes away is far better than pain that intensifies.

I ran at that point where it starts to feel uncomfortable. My breathing was steady, and my cadence (to use a bike term) was even. I hit my "30 minute" turnaround point at 29 minutes and completed my "hour" in 57.50. I even slowed near the end so that I could give my knees time to adjust.

It all felt good.

The only problem I faced today was my shoes. They're too big. That's ¥11,000 I've wasted! I tried putting Superfeet innersoles in for today's run, but they didn't help enough. Amazingly I managed to rip part of a nail off during tonight's run - even though my toes are about a mile away from the end of my shoes.

All in all today felt like a good run.

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