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Thursday, May 31, 2007

A NEW 5,000M PB!!!

I'm happy. Everything went to plan tonight and I managed to run a 17.33. That's 12 seconds off my PB.

I faded near the end—the lack of quality training miles showed—but overall I ran fairly even splits. In fact I surprised myself, running within 1 second of my schedule until 7 laps. At this point fellow club member Jay took over and put us back on schedule. jay finished in a great 17.26.

I was down 6 seconds in 17.30 pace with 4 laps to go, so I was happy to pull back 3 seconds.

As with my last Godo (godo means 'together') time trial, I got a bit confused about the laps. I forgot that our team's fast runner Patrick had lapped me, so the lap board was right for him, not me. I surged with what I thought was one lap to go, only to realise when I looked at my watch that I had another lap to go. My legs weren't at all happy about that, nor my heart, but I managed to find something for the last lap.

Thanks to everyone who stood in the rain to cheer the Nambanners on.

I guess everyone finishes a run thinking "I could have gone faster" - but this time I really feel like I could. I feel fine now, when usually I'm shattered after a 5km.

My knees felt sore on the train on the way to the TT - nerves making me a hypochondriac, I felt a sore throat coming on too. The pain and sore throat miraculously went away went the gun fired.

Right, time to stop blooging and enjoy an Ebisu beer and a cheesecake.

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