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Monday, January 05, 2009

Running in Kobe

I'm currently down in Kobe - and I'm finding the running scene is a little different here.

First, the runners are friendly. I ran 2 hours on Saturday and an hour today and got a wave from every runner I passed. I like that.

Second, the air is better. Kobe is by the sea, so I can run along the beach, well away from traffic.

Third, there are hills within easy reach. I did a couple of hill sprints today on a climb that was the perfect length and gradient. Locating a good climb in much of Tokyo is almost impossible.

And finally, Kobe is not so concreted and tarmacked. For maybe half of my run I was able to find grass or dirt paths. Much kinder on the ankles and knees!

Speaking of ankles, my achilles is hanging in there. Not getting worse, so hopefully it's OK.

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