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Friday, January 16, 2009

Nengajo cards

Here in Japan Christmas is a time for couples - a bit like Valentines Day is in the West. Few people send Christmas cards. However, January 1 is a big day for families, and in the lead-up to this day the whole nation swaps postcard-style greeting cards, called nengajo.

Because of my job as a writer I tend to get bombarded with cards from all of the creative folk and press agencies that I've worked with during the year. This year is the Chinese year of the cow, so interior designer Sinato sent me a really funny card with beef steaks on it; British architect Asif Khan sent a very festive card featuring his Tetra Lights, and architects KDa opted for an excellent 'tear-along-the-dotted-lines' bull with enormous horns.

My favorite card? Well, I'm biased, but it had to be the Nike one. Instead of cows, they went for an old black and white photo. But check it out...
It reads "Don't look back, look ahead" - a quote from Nike co-founder and world-beating coach Bill Bowerman.
But does anyone know who the runner Bowerman is talking to is? Bill Delinger? Jim Bailey?

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