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Friday, March 09, 2007

No running this week...

...but I've been riding to work every day. On this...

The bike rides really well. It's light, fast but most of all - simple. Almost nothing can go wrong with it. No gears, one brake, no cables, clamps, etc. I really enjoy riding it.

It weighs about 7kg.

The build list is:

Frame: Euro Sport by Bryan Hayes (Columbus tubing, Cinelli bottom bracket shell, Gipiemme drop outs)
Forks: Kalavinka -
Headset: Campagnolo Record Pista -
Headstem: TNI 60mm
Handlebars: Nitto
Bar tape: Cateye -
Bar plugs: Cinelli -
Seat: San Marco SLR-XP -
Seapost: Interloc Racing Design Type 2 Quad -
Cranks: Suntour Superbe -
Chainring: Sugino 75 -
Chainring bolts: alloy (from Posh Bikes) -
Bottom bracket: TA Titanium -
Pedals: Tioga
Chain: DID -
Front rim: Campagnolo -
Front spokes: DT -
Front hub: Shimano Dura-Ace -
Front skewer: Control Tech Titanium -
Front tyre: Continental Giro -
Rear rim: Steiger Aerodynamic
Rear spokes: Hoshi
Rear hub: Campagnolo Record -
Rear tyre: Vittoria -
Cog: Shimano Dura-Ace -
Front caliper: Campagnolo Mirage -
Brake cable: Campagnolo -
Brake lever:

Knees still hurt.



At 8:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice bike!

What gear ratio are running on that?

At 4:59 pm, Blogger Ingo said...

That's a really good looking piece you put together!

Maybe one day you can show me the ropes in cycling. Apart from riding to work my Cannodale has never experienced a real treatment.

At 1:17 am, Blogger oldsprinter said...

I'm running 46 x 16. I might even go for 46 x 17 - I prefer spinning.

Ingo, you should be on a German bike - German bikes are the best in the world.

At 10:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was running 46x16 myself but found it a bit too much (especially on the knees). Dropped to 46x18 and it's spinny but Tokyo is suddenly a lot more fun to ride fixed.

At 12:55 am, Blogger Ben said...

That frame looks tiny.


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