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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Running at Oda field - new PB

Over the past 7 days I've run at Oda Field twice. The first run was Saturday - which, as I mentioned before, saw me line up for my first ever 1,500m race. I ran 4.46, which was pleasing.

Then Wednesday I ran what is termed a Godo 5,000m run a Oda Field. I ran with the second of three groups. My aim was to beat 18 seconds. I finished in 17.45. It's 16 seconds below my previous best time (set on the road).

Since then I've felt a bit of pain in my achilles tendon and my calf muscles. I did a fast 1 hour run Thursday night, but decided to take a day off yesterday to let my legs recover. I still have pain in my left achilles, which is worrying me a bit. Time for rest, ice, elevation perhaps?


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