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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The modern classic new old road mtb bike

I was in Shinjuku, trying to buy running spikes (if anyone knows where I can pick up some Mizuno Chrono Dist shoes in size 27 please let me know - I've tried Art Sports, Parco Quattro and the shop in Shinjuku) anyway, yes, I was in Shinjuku, and I spotted this fine machine. Back in the 80s some mtbs looked a bit like this, but this is more of a hybrid. The saddle bag and bars are very 1920s. The frame I believe is an old GT Zaskar (I'm no expert on mtb frames) and it's got a really interesting mix of components (what is it with hybrid bikes that they always run a Salsa headstem?). I thought it was a really good looking bike...


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