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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Some more pics of "Project 6.8"

Here's a few more pictures of my bike. It's slowly coming together. I still need decals - I'm thinking of contacting for them. After that it's new wheels, ergo levers, rear mech and chain. But as you can see, the bike is looking pretty good already:

It's so difficult to take a good picture of a bike! But this gives you an idea what my bike looks like.

From the front

From the back (nice new seat)

I drilled the centre of my Cinelli bar plugs out and cut off some of the internals. Saves 3g for two plugs.

My rear mech has been tuned a lot. It's a very old Campagnolo Mirage 9-speed. I've drilled the body and plate. I've put Tiso jockey wheels on it and I've put an old Campagnolo Nouvo Record back plate on it from 1984 (it only weighs 7 grams, see below). All of the smaller bolts have been replaced with Minoura alloy bolts. The cable adjuster screw is also taken from a Nouvo Record rear mech. I've saved about 20 grams.

6 alloy bolts. I've replaced the bidon cage bolts, mech cable bolts, and front mech hanger bolts with Minoura alloy bolts.

I need a good name for this bike. I'm really not sure what to have as a decal. If you've got any suggestions please leave a message for me here, or on the Weight Weenies forum (

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At 6:42 pm, Anonymous G said...

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At 4:00 pm, Blogger Skogling said...


I saw that you answered in my thread about Easton SL 90 straight fok on WW. So I was curious to see what kind of bike you had. And here it is.Nice and pink ! ;o)

If you want see my blogg, (unfortunatly written i swedish)you can always surf into it and leave a comment. It would be pretty fun to have a comment from a japanese ! You may see some pictures of me and my kids and my bikes as I'm biking around in Sweden.

Skogling (Patrik)

At 4:01 pm, Blogger Skogling said...

But you are't japanese ?! =D


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