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Monday, July 24, 2006

Still finding things from the bubble economy

I had a great find today. I was out for a run along the Sumida river and I saw a pile of bikes and bike parts that some council workers have dragged out of bushes as they were trimming them back.

I was going to run past, but some grey rims caught my eye - not the colour you'd associate with your average 'ladies' bike. So I stopped, had a look, and couldn't believe my eyes...

...the wheels I that had been found were Shimano Dura Ace hubs laced to Campagnolo rims with Hoshi spokes. Granted, these are old (circa 1994) but they've never been used - no scuff marks on the rim. I ripped some vines and twigs off them and ran home with them. I've polished up the front and it looks great.

In the late 80s you could find this sort of thing on the streets a lot. I've heard of people picking up an entire house worth of furniture - including working TV and fridge from the side of the street. Of course, by the mid 90s the economy had nose-dived and consumerism on such a grand (and wasteful) scale ended.

Anyway, here's the wheels I found...


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