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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Run for Africa

On Sunday I managed to drag myself out of bed for the Run for Africa 5km around Imperial Palace (it was actually a little shorter than 5km). I really enjoy the course, downhill to start and quite a long climb to the finish. I managed to hang on to the lead group until about 3km, but the heat and speed got to me and I had to let them go. I finished 5th though - my best result, and my time was OK too - 18.19 (which probably works out to about 18.35 for a proper 5km).

Today, two days later, I did a 2 hour training run. I felt really good - didn't start 'staggering' until about 5 mins to go.

But getting back to the Imperial Palace, more correctly known as Kokyo. If you're only in Tokyo for a short while and you want to go for a run there's no better place to go. Also, take the time to check out the gardens inside the walls - entrance is free and you can spend a whole afternoon exploring the gardens and trails.



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