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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

11 days until Tokyo Marathon

I did a track workout today. 1,200; 600; 1,200; 600; 1,200. I tried out a second pair of new shoes and liked them, so they'll be the ones I use on the 22nd.

I'm still not feeling 100%. My first 1,200 felt awful.

I tried to use my new Garmin 405, but it's not at all intuitive, so I had no idea how to even get to stopwatch mode (does it even have one?)

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At 11:21 pm, Blogger Jon in Tokyo said...

That sounds a good workout.
You can set you Garmin to record each split...I have it set for 400m in track races and 1Km in road races. It will even stop for traffic lights etc when you pause during a training run.
Good luck !

At 9:47 am, Blogger Stephen Lacey said...

Gordon, I still clearly remember last year seeing you and Mayu after the Asakusa turn around. I was traveling quite strongly and enjoying the crowd and it was such a boost to see you guys cheering loudly. This time it is your turn, mate! Enjoy it, and remember that whatever happens, it is a marathon and you will finish and have a record to be proud of. Just don't go too fast for the first half!


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