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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Missed events

In Australia and England there are a lot of running and cycling events you can enter on the day, or maybe just a week before. But in Japan, running events sell out months in advance. So I'm always finding out about events too late.

This week, I found out I missed a chance to race at Oi Wharf in an amateur bicycle race that will be run before the Tour of Japan arrives. Then yesterday, I found I had missed the cut-off date to run at Nittaidai University on June 1 in a 5,000m time trial - I'm going to enter the next one though.

If you'd like to run at Nittaidai, check out the list of times, distances and dates below. There are different categories for different runners - but it seems they're all quite fast. (Click on the information to make it bigger).

I'm mildly injured again. My achilles got worse Sunday, so I took yesterday off and I won't run today either.

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